HyperGH 14x review

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HyperGH 14x™ is by far the most sophisticated growth hormone (HGH) releasing system available to bodybuilders on the market today. It contains a very special, scientifically formulated combination of amino acids, nutrients and peptides. This formula is designed to kick start your pituitary gland into releasing more HGH (human growth hormone).

My physique and muscle tone improved tremendously – I looked better than some younger guys than me at the gym!

I began to have that ripped look, well, sort of!

So I was able to finally develop a good amount of muscle without steroids.

I felt good as well because I don’t like how pricey the steroids can be and once you start, you really can’t take a break unless your cycle is over. You need a constant supply of steroids and that’s why many bodybuilders pay upfront for steroids for their 2 month or 3 month cycle.

So, I was getting the same benefits as from steroids. My abs were getting prominent and I was cutting fat at all the right places.

Besides all those physical changes, my state of mind improved. I noticed that my energy levels increased and my day-to-day mood improved. My sleep was more restful; I was enjoying better sex, and just felt better overall.

After 3 months, I was beginning to look like the beast literally. The midsection isn’t that great but hey, the chest, legs and arms – I am proud and satisfied.

Building abs was always tough for me and to be honest I find crunches boring but I noticed body fat had definitely melted away.

After 4 months, I took one month off and kept my gains.

The only disadvantage of using HyperHG 14X in my experience is that results might take time. While steroids can make you gains in like 2-3 months max, and then you go off cycle and into your PCT (post-cycle therapy) to keep your gains. On the other hand HyperHG 14X has to be taken for at least 4 months in my opinion.

But then, again you don’t need to PCT on HyperHG 14X. But you should take some time off from taking the supplement so you can continue enjoying its benefits in the long haul like 1-2 months off.

All you need is continue with your healthy protein based diet, eat the right carbs and stuff like that when you’re off.


This is not a here today, gone tomorrow company out to make a fast buck. They’re the real deal.

HyperGH 14X is an HGH enhancer.

There is no actual human growth hormone in the supplement.

Instead, it’s designed to stimulate the body into naturally producing more of the awesome HGH. There are no needles involved!


Deer antler velvet has been used in China for over 2,000 years. More recently, Soviet scientists in the 1980s tested the effects of deer antler velvet on the performance of elite Russian athletes, and the results were astonishing. Deer antler velvet helped increase the strength and muscle mass of Russian athletes, and speed their recovery time from exercise. The increases in strength helped the Russian athletes shatter new strength records at the Olympics and crush their American competitors.


I had a chance to personally test out a 3 months supply of HyperGH 14X, and I have to say the results were pretty amazing. The directions stated to take the oral capsules and the spray 2X a day, and for the first few days I didn’t see any major difference.

But then after the first week or so I started to notice very subtle changes, like not feeling sore after a pretty heavy workout session and better quality of sleep.

3 Weeks in is where the major changes started to happen. For the first time in about 12 years, I actually started to see definition in my mid-section again.

Before you could just barely make out my top 2 ab muscles, but now they were all starting to show.

What was even better was, unlike when I was 21 with a scrawny but ripped physique, I actually had packed on a decent amount of muscle. I’m not gonna say I looked like Thor or anything, but there was a very, very noticeable difference. The fact that my body was chhypergh14x reviewanging didn’t get passed on the ladies as well… ??

I also noticed that my overall energy and mood was significantly enhanced. I was sleeping better, having better sex, and just felt overall better. I would say that it worked pretty similarly to some of the T-Boosters I tried in the past, but without any side effects. – Supplementcritique.com

HyperGH 14X Real Review and Results

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HyperGH 14x review

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HyperGH 14x™ is by far the most sophisticated growth hormone (HGH) releasing system available to bodybuilders on the market today. It contains a very special, scientifically formulated combination of amino acids, nutrients and peptides. This formula is designed to kick start your pituitary gland into releasing more HGH (human growth hormone).

HyperGH 14x contains all the ingredients to influence HGH production in the body using all the 7 mechanisms.

1) Amino acids pathway
Intravenous injections of amino acids were documented to increase human growth hormone dramatically.

2) Dopaminergic pathway
Studies confirm that dopamine acts as a modulating (balancing) hormone in the brain and protects and enhances the pituitary function of the brain.

The biggest benefit of dopamine though is that it’s a powerful growth hormone booster.

HyperGH 14x contain Dopamine boosting compounds? Yes, it has L tyrosine and Alpha GPC.

3) Balancing “warming” and “cooling” neurotransmitters pathways

In their book Balance Your Brain, Balance Your Life, neurologist, Dr. Jay Lombard and preventative medicine specialist Dr. Christian Renna have given enough scientific proof that our health, energy and happiness are considerably impacted by our very own human brain equilibrium of “warming” and “cooling” neurotransmitters.

HyperGH 14x contains “warming” and “cooling” neurotransmitters ? Yes, it has Phosphatidylcholine, Alpha GPC and GABA.

4). Inhibition of somatostatin or “Cholinergic” pathway

Somatostatin is what regulates the negative feedback loop of pituitary GH release.

So, if an HGH supplement contains Somatostatin suppressing compounds, it releases more HGH.

So by taking a choline supplement (to get acetylcholine) like “Alpha GPC” or “Phosphatidyl Choline”, you can modify the pituitary response of discharging more HGH by suppressing Somatostatin WHEN THE SECRETAGOGUE IS ALREADY INFLUENCING PITUITARY TO PRODUCE HGH.

5) IGF-1 pathway – HyperGH 14x has Deer antler velvet

6) Insulin and blood sugar pathway – HyperGH 14x has Chromium

7) Cortisol pathway – HyperGH 14x has L tyrosine


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