Ejaculoid (E-JAC) by Goliath Labs

Ejaculoid is a well-known male enhancement supplement that promises to enhance semen production by up to 600%, as well as improve libido, desire and sexual stamina.

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According to our research, Maca, Horny goat weed, Longjack powder extract are among the best semen volume enhancers, and  fortunately Ejaculoid contains all 3, although it doesn’t have Zinc. Even so, the primary issue with the ingredients is, that the exact amounts of each ingredient are hidden behind a proprietary blend and exact quantities have not been released to the public for evaluation, nor has Ejaculoid undergone any clinical trials in order to prove its efficacy. There are more positive reviews than negative. So, overall, this is a recommended product. But, for a better semen enhancer, which has more comprehensive ingredient profile and has undergone 2 clinical studies, we recommend Semenax over Ejaculoid.


  • Good ingredient profile
  • More positive reviews than negative
  • Been in the business for long
  • Good rapport among bodybuilding community


  • Exact quantities of ingredients hidden behind a proprietary blend
  • Not clinically studied (For a clinically studied product, we recommend Semenax )
  • Doesn’t contain either Zinc, Swedish flower pollen or Shilajit
  • Effects will not be instant, but usually increase gradually after few days, as you take more

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Ejaculoid doesn’t contain L-Arginine. Stiff nights does and is better. Notice that Stiff nights has a lot of L-Arginine in it, which is known to improve vasodilation. The headaches are most likely caused by the increase in bloodflow. I used to get headaches when I took 2 of the old Ejaculoid capsules (blue) at one time. Ejaculoid contains Yohimbe (which is known to cause headaches, hallucinations, rapid heart rythym in high doses). With the new Ejaculoid formulation (red/white) I only take 1 and I don’t get the headaches anymore. So if you already supplement with Ejaculoid, just add L-Arginine to your supplementation and you should see an improvement in erection strength/acquisition (without the headache).

i’ve been taking 2-4 pills per day.

sometimes 2 in the morning and one in the evening or one in the morning and one in the evening.

This stuff works. My orgasms are more way more intense, they feel like they’re starting from my feet, and the sex is just flat out better, plus it puts you in a good mood.

I have the maca powder (life flow) and i take anywhere from 6-18 grams per day.

and just so you know, i’m 30+ and stamina was never a problem, but this is a frigging magic bullet!


I tried ejaculoid, wasnt that great. i just think ball refill sounds hilarious.

i prefer good old regular maca. i didnt fap for five days, and when i did it came out THICK. it actually felt good squirting, but was almost like jelly.


I dont know what the difference is in the old version and the new but i just got another bottle of Ejaculoid and some Maca along with a test booster. I am on day 4 and so far I am lovin it. Ejaculoid gets in your system fast which is a good thing. The amount of fluid has gone up a little but what i noticed more than anything was #1 the intensity of the orgasm is way up #2 the power of the shot is awesome. (Lets just say i missed her nose by a few inches to the left


I’ve taken about a half a bottle of this stuff and it’s really powerful. Currently taking one pill a day with lunch (I have coffee in the morning and I would get jittery if I stacked it) and i’ve taken 31 pills in all.

I’m 36 years old and i’ve been back in training since February after years off. I train more like a mixed martial artist as opposed bodybuilding now even though i’ve put some years into BB.

I’m a bit more sensitive than some to stimulants. If I have more than one cup of coffee or energy drink during the day, there’s a good chance my sleep won’t be good. The Ejaculoid because of the horny goat weed (and maybe the Tongkat Ali too to some extent) gives me energy almost to the point of anxiety but not quite. Tribuloid gives me so much energy I sleep less. I try to get 7-8 but on this stuff i’ll get maybe 6 hours. After several days of this my body has energy but my mind is tired.

I usually train eat at noon and train at 2 PM which is two hours after I take the pill and I have a lot of increased energy when I train especially for anything strength and power related. When the workout is heavy on cardio (i.e.: Circuit training above 165 BPM’s for me) then it can actually be a bit of a detriment to me.

I’ve gotten pimples on my body which I don’t normally get. I’m tempted to say is from increased Test but I don’t really know. It appears to have an effect on muscle growth but since I don’t train for that specific purpose these days, take my opinion with a grain of salt.

The erections I get from this stuff is so powerful that it actually makes fapping slightly less enjoyable and i’m so hard (any more and it would be painful) I sometimes barely feel the orgasm. I think the first day or two it was really enjoyable but it got progressively less pleasurable over time. I didn’t take a pill yesterday and the pleasure returned (and then some). Admitting to a month+ dry spell, I didn’t have sex during the time that I was on it. I get the feeling you could wreck a woman on this stuff.

I’m taking a break from it starting today. I’m tired of taking it even though I think it’s a good product. I actually still have a bottle and a half of the stuff because I bought them on special. I plan on taking one or more months off and going through the supply that way.


Ejaculoid is certainly a product we can recommend.

Very few male enhancement supplements can back up even their most basic claims, yet this one seemed to live up to every claim made on the label and the company website. – Supplementcritique.com

Ejaculoid Reviews


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Ejaculoid (E-JAC) by Goliath Labs

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Ejaculoid is a well-known male enhancement supplement that promises to enhance semen production by up to 600%, as well as improve libido, desire and sexual stamina.

Ejaculoid uses a blend of herbal ingredients geared towards producing greater sperm volume, longer lasting sex and increased blood flow to the penis.

Goliath Labs Ejaculoid is made up of powerful ingredients such as Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium Sagittatum Extract, Yohimbe Extract, GABA, Eurycoma Longifolia (Long Jack Root), Jujube, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa extract and Cnidium Monnier Extract.

The makers of Ejaculoid claim the supplement allows you to minimize the effects of premature ejaculation as well, leading to a more fulfilling sexual encounter for both partners.

Ejaculoid actually offers the product with OR without Yohimbe, because Yohimbe is associated with certain dangerous side effects.

Most male enhancement products would normally concentrate on improving the penis size or prolong erections, but what most companies tend to forget is that even the production of the man’s semen can improve the sexual experience of a couple.

Maca, Horny goat weed, Longjack powder extract are the best semen volume enhancers, and  fortunately Ejaculoid contains all 3.

By merging these three groups of 100 % natural ingredients you have one of the most effective pills ever made to help with libido, virility, harder erections, and increased semen production that enhances your orgasms.

At this time, a large number of firms making unfounded claims about their semen-volume-increasing pills seem to focus on three reasons why men should care enough to buy their products: more semen makes you more masculine, more semen increases your sexual pleasure, and more semen can make you more fertile.

However, Ejaculoid seems to be decent product with mostly positive reviews.

However, those who are satisfied with Ejaculoid mostly agree it’s “a lifestyle change.” That is, you have to be patient and wait for the formula to settle in your system before it starts working.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a miracle pill that works for everyone. And Ejaculoid is no exception.

Will it help me get my wife pregnant?

No, this is not a fertility drug.

While the product claims it can help increase the quantity of your semen load, it can do nothing to help you in the quality department.

Is there a guarantee?

Goliath Labs does not offer a guarantee on this product.

The name of the business that produces Ejaculoid is also known as Nutraloid Labs, and they sell Ejaculoid, as well as their other supplements under the brand name, Goliath Labs.

Most semen enhancing pills consist of herbs and amino acids that have been around for centuries and have been used to fix premature ejaculation, increase libido, for sexual stimulation and to increase semen volume for centuries now.

While the formulation does consist of some good quality herbal ingredients like tribulus terrestris and maca powder that are generally safe for most people, Ejaculoid may still pose a few side effects when ingested.

The nutrients work as raw material and stimulate reproductive organs to function at optimum level to produce quality semen in large volumes and improve male’s virility, potency and vitality.

Even so, the primary issue with the ingredients is, that the exact amounts of each ingredient are hidden behind a proprietary blend and exact quantities have not been released to the public for evaluation, nor has Ejaculoid undergone any clinical trials in order to prove its efficacy.

On the whole Ejaculoid is a pretty good product, the only concern we have is that in a capsule it isn’t likely to provide most men the immediate boost in sexual stamina that they seek.

How do I take Ejaculoid?

We recommend taking two 60-30 minutes prior to a sexual encounter or taking one in the morning and one around diner time.

Goliath Labs E-JAC (Ejaculoid), 60 Capsules Bonus Information.

Still, Ejaculoid is better than other products like Paravol and certainly WAY better than commercially available solutions like Enzyte.

There are few extremely effective herbs which can alleviate the problem of low sperm count by supplementing the body with vital nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, these herbs also improve functioning of internal organs and well-balanced endocrine(hormonal) activity for sound sexual health and increased sperm quantity for healthy semen production.

Moreover, organic and natural products build up semen volume, increase sperm morphology and motility, and enhance sperm production to completely resolve fertility issues in men.

What else for semen production?

Other important benefits of using semen enhancer are – increases sperm count, increase sex hormone production, improve potency and fertility.

The company claims that semen pills boost sperm production and sperm health; this can greatly improve the one’s chances of conceiving a child. However, this is not clinically proven.

In case of males who already suffer with low sperm count products like Ejaculoid or Semenax work as superb herbal treatment for Oligospermia and cure low sperm count naturally by increasing production of healthy sperms.

Read on Zinc and Semen Production – Increase Semen Volume and Sperm Count With Zinc.

Shilajit is also one ingredient that helps immunity, increase sperm production, increase metabolism for higher energy levels, improves mental health and maintains proper hormonal secretion and production. Read complete profile on Examine.com

Additionally raised volume of semen, improved fertility, and the substantially more robust and more satisfying orgasms, semen volume increase you can also expect an overall improvement in sexual well-being and function, increased shooting distance, plus a rise in confidence and increased sexual pleasure and desire.

Therefore, if enhancing your sexual life, getting the best feelings from sex, enriching the sexual experience of your partner, improving your sperm count and adding to your ability to procreate, and enjoying and giving scintillating orgasms are your desires, then get hold of sperm volume enhancement pills and live it up.

In conclusion, semen pills or volume enhancement pills like Ejaculoid and Semenax are ideally safe options if you’re trying to improve your sex drive, ejaculate farther and improve confidence – and best of all is that you won’t even need a prescription or experience negative side-effects.


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Ejaculoid Review & Ratings

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