Mixed Martial Arts training is among the most intense, physically taxing activities you can engage in. Now take your recovery to a new level and stop losing hard earned muscle with these 3 incredibly powerful supplements!

In the old days, martial arts training would consist of going to several classes per week in your chosen art and maybe some cardio to help your efforts.

Now, the modern day MMA fighter is usually training in four or five disciplines: Muay Thai, wrestling, striking, jiu jitsu, judo; and doing weight training and tons of cardiovascular conditioning work as well.

In fact, in a recent interview on Pro MMA Radio, former UFC Lightweight World Champion Sean Sherk said that he has done as many as four training sessions per day, six days per week before a fight.

And WEC Featherweight World Champ Urijah Faber trains anywhere from 4-6 hours per day, year round! Is there any question why he’s the best 145-pound fighter on the planet? Quite simply, he outworks everybody.

Whether you’re an MMA fighter, a bodybuilder or an athlete from any other sport, you’ll face one critical issue that you have to solve to be successful.

How can I train at maximum intensity to be the best I can be and recover fast enough from those training sessions to get back to business the next day and not hurt myself or be dragging my ass through the workout like I’m 100-years old?

One key component to the answer is proper supplementation aimed at optimum recovery.

Let’s take a look at a few things that can significantly enhance recuperation and get you back to hitting the pads or working on that rear-naked choke tomorrow like a champ.

The role of amino acids, sleep and Human Growth Hormone in Recovery

While most experts recommend the use of supplements like whey protein, creatine, BCAA or amino acids like Glutamine, the role of proper sleep can’t be questioned.

Interestingly, good sleep is also connected with human growth hormone, which in turn is very essential for muscle healing, and overall health and fitness.

Apart from Glutamine, GABA can play a crucial role in recovery too because it enhances deep sleep as well as growth hormone.

Similarly, there are several amino acids that each play their part in recovery and healing.

But, what if there is a comprehensive supplement that delivers the amino acids like glutamine and enhances growth hormone naturally and also helps with sleep, by making use of GABA.

1. HyperGH 14x

In our opinion, this supplement is among the very best for MMA recovery. HyperGH 14x™ contains a series of powerful ingredients, each playing an important role in stimulating your body to naturally boost your levels of growth hormone production… both during rest periods as well as before, during, and after your workouts.

It has a very impressive set of ingredients that help recovery and muscle healing via different mechanisms. You enhance your growth hormone levels and Testosterone levels naturally, and not too high to raise any red flag.

It has several amino acids too.

2. Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is second on our list of MMA workout recovery supplements. This is simply an amazing and most complete green superfoods supplement in the market for better sports performance and overall health and fitness.

You get all the great benefits of superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, ashwagandha etc. We haven’t found a more complete green superfood product. YET !

And all these benefits like stronger immune system, better nourishment and digestion, better sleep, more energy and  endurance are what every MMA fighter wants.

Here is a review from Eric Cressey

 I’ve always been a non-responder to supplements.  As an example, I never gained an ounce when I started taking creatine in 2001, and never noticed a huge difference in sleep quality when I started taking ZMA. Still, I pretty much trust in research and go with these supplements, plus mainstays like fish oil and Vitamin D and assume that they’re doing their job.  It’s interesting how some of the most essential supplements we take are the ones where we might notice the most subtle difference, isn’t it? Anyway, in 2011, I added Athletic Greens to this mix.  I look at it as whole food based “nutritional insurance” use it in place of my multivitamin.  I think it’s solid not only as a greens supplement (which, incidentally, doesn’t taste like dog crap), but also because it directly improves gut health to improve absorption of micronutrients.  With loads of superfoods, herbal extracts, trace elements, antioxidants, and pre- and probiotics, I could tell that it would be something that would decrease inflammation and improve immunity (something I’ve viewed as increasingly important with each passing year as life has gotten more stressful with the growth of Cressey Performance). Interestingly, one of our long-time athletes who is now playing baseball at a highly ranked D1 university, started taking Athletic Greens after we chatted about it this summer, and he sent me this note: Hey Eric, thanks for the recommendation on Athletic Greens. I love the product! I have not gotten sick once since I started taking it 4 months ago, and my body feels better than ever. This is the first semester I haven’t gotten sick. Hope all is well!  I guess I’m not the only one who likes it!  Check it out for yourself here. As an aside, they do a pretty cool combination where you can get greens, fish oil, and vitamin D all at once at a great price, and the fish oil is excellent quality. We have several athletes who get everything in this one place for convenience.


3. Upbrain Ignite

Another supplement that contains amino acids like L-citruline, Beta Alanine etc. and other ingredients like Inositol, and Ornithine AKG etc. that combined have a myriad of positive impact on athletic performance.

  • Boost Your Brain Power assisting neurotransmitters and increased multitasking performance
  • Active nootropics in UpBrain ignite stops the burnout, brain fog and mental exhaustion
  • Packed with important nutrients, proteins & amino acids that increase Energy and Performance
  • Reduce Stress- Potent stimulants that work on the central nervous system, that have profound effects  on the way you feel *
  • Boost Immune Function- A team of Ph.D’s and nutritionists have enable us to use the Highest – Grade ingredients to ensure maximum quality & efficacy
  • Proprietary formula powdered drink mix that’s more quickly absorbed by the body than a pill. Packed full of healthy nutrients

Hopefully, this article helped in your quest for best recovery supplements!

One of the most physically taxing activities that you would get to see around you is mixed martial arts or MMA. Owing to the intense physical activities that the MMA fighters are subjected to, it becomes imperative that they take special care so that they recover well and do not lose out on those chiseled out muscles that they have got after a lot of training and workout. In modern days, most MMA fighters go for testosterone boosting and sex enhancement supplements which helps them train at maximum intensity and still recover fast from those training sessions. In this article, we would take a look at the top supplements that are used by MMA fighters for recovery.

Whey protein – the key for muscle building

You would hardly find a MMA fighter who does not use Whey protein supplements for MMA recovery. The importance of Whey protein supplements lie in the fact that they help in avoiding the breakage of the lean muscle tissues of the body to get energy, thereby act as a muscle building block for the MMA fighter.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Getting a joint pain is a regular thing in the life of a MMA fighter. To help him recover from such pains, Glucosamine and Chondroitin are one of the best supplements for recovery. Consumption of this supplement will prove to be a lifesaver for MMA fighters as injuries are an integral part of their life.

Fish Oil

One of the major elements for an overall health and livelihood of a MMA fighter is Omega 3 fatty acids. This is found in plenty in the Fish oil tablets that are available in plenty in the market. Regular consumption of this supplement will ensure that the fighter’s general health is at par and he is ready to undergo the bone breaking training sessions at the gym. find similar supplements at our store.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

There are some essential amino acids like the Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine which cannot be prepared by the body on its own. As a result, the body will tend to break the muscle tissues to get these essential amino acids which will lead to losing the muscles after a certain point of time. Hence it is important that the body is supplied with these essential amino acids through the supplements for MMA recovery. The Branched Chain Amino Acids or the BCAAs are also found useful for the replenishment of glutamine, which accounts for about half the amino acids in the muscle tissues. Moreover athletes are also using Ketone drinks to get into state of ketosis fast. Some even use metformin or its alternatives to cut off fat quickly.

Apart from these commonly used supplements and male enhancement pills, there are many other options like Dapoxetine/Priligy SSRI to last longer in bed that can be followed by the MMA fighters as well as those looking to enhance sex drive. There are different supplements available in the market, quality and price of which varies a lot, hence in case you want to buy your supplements, you should check the prices properly. You might want to read this article on growth hormone supplements for MMA recovery and muscles building.


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Also, have a look at female sexual enhancement products like osphena and Flibanserin.