Ageless Male Max by New Vitality

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Ageless Male Max is a new and improved version of the Ageless Male supplement. It was created to help men boost their levels of the testosterone, help with sexual function and weight loss.

Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogenic herb, which means that is very effective at helping the body deal with the chemical and physical effects of stress. All of us are dealing with some form of stress or the other, which leads our bodies to increase the production of cortisol. Cortisol, like testosterone, is a steroid hormone and is produced from the same raw material as T – which is cholesterol. This means that higher cortisol equals lower testosterone.

Supplementing with ashwagandha is a proven way to lower cortisol, thus allowing more cholesterol to be available to produce testosterone. Ashwagandha supplementation has also been shown to significantly improve sperm concentrations.

Overall, I’m not a fan of proprietary blends because we can never be sure of the dosage amounts of each ingredient. Although some of the ingredients included within NOXPerform may be effective, we can’t narrow down exactly which ones work and which ones don’t because there are just too many. When it comes to increasing nitric oxide, the most effective ingredient I’ve seen is L-citrulline.

The inclusion of the NOXPerform proprietary blend within Ageless Male Max isn’t much of a downside, but I don’t see much of an upside either.

Ageless Male Max: A Scientific Review on Ingredients, Dosage, and Side Effects


The benefits of Ageless Male Max include the formula being supported by research and some positive user reviews. There’s also the case that it comes from a trusted name in the industry. However, there are other supplements out there offering similar benefits and results.

This might be good if you are 20 but for someone over 60, not only does it do NOTHING but it actually made me gain weight and NOT muscle weight. TOTAL WASTE. Save your money.

-dgretz55, Ebay

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Ageless Male Max by New Vitality

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Ageless Male Max is a new and improved version of the Ageless Male supplement. It was created to help men boost their levels of the testosterone.

The supplement comes with a new, improved, and advanced formula that is claimed to enable users to achieve more favorable results.

Ageless Male Max was made for men who are experiencing a drop in testosterone hormone levels.

When there is a drop, or even when the levels of the hormone are still within the normal ranges, Ageless Male Max rejuvenates the body, giving it strength and vitality.

The deficiency of testosterone in men may cause some issues. One of the complications that might arise is poor performance in bed.

This is backed up by a study that was conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center.

The study stated that the levels of testosterone in a healthy man lie within 280 and 1100 nanograms in a deciliter (ng/dL).

The study further concluded that low levels of the hormone cause a range of problems, which includes fatigue, low libido, depression, weight gain, as well as muscle atrophy.

Boosting these levels is the principle to which Ageless Male Max was based on.


Apart from rapidly enhancing the production of the male hormone, the  Ashwagandha extract KSM-66 in this supplement is also ideal for those who want to reduce stress levels.

It is also associated with weight loss. The supplement is marketed as a life-changing product without any stimulants or harmful chemicals. This is a substantial claim to make.

There are several claims made by the company about Ageless Male Max.

Some of these claims are supported by Ageless Male Max reviews while others are supported by the Ageless Male Max ingredients list.

However, unfortunately, on the basis of ingredients, Ageless Male Max is a very weak testosterone booster and a mild weight loss pill and a mediocre male enhancement pill. There is no magical pill that can enhance all the functions of the body and be a cure-all. For testosterone, we recommend Prime Male. For weight loss and pre-workouts, we recommend Instant Knockout and for male enhancement, we recommend Prosolution Plus.

The company claims that the product increases strength. This is based on its ability to boost testosterone levels.

Benefits of using Ageless Male Max

BOOST TOTAL TESTOSTERONE: Let%u2019s cut to the point. Many testosterone supplements out there can only boost what%u2019s called %u201Cfree testosterone%u201D. Increasing your free testosterone is good, but that only makes up for roughly 3% of your total T level. Ageless Male Max has an ingredient called KSM-66, shown in a clinical study to boost TOTAL testosterone. Now that%u2019s a difference.

GREATER INCREASES IN MUSCLE SIZE: Now you can REALLY take your workouts to the next level. The KSM-66 in Ageless Male Max was found in clinical research to support greater increases in muscle size and strength than exercise alone. For you, this can mean bigger gains%u2026 and confidence that%u2019s off-the-charts.

TWICE THE REDUCTION IN BODY FAT PERCENTAGE: Looking for a quicker way to hit your goals? The KSM-66 in Ageless Male Max was clinically tested to promote DOUBLE the reduction in body fat percentage compared to exercise alone.

LOOKING FOR GREAT SEX? Ageless Male Max contains a powerful blend called NOXPerform which was found in research to boost Nitric Oxide production in the body as much as 64%! Healthy Nitric Oxide levels are important for sexual arousal. Plus, the Ashwagandha extract in this formula has been traditionally used to increase sexual arousal and desire in men.

SAFE & CLINICALLY TESTED INGREDIENTS: The key ingredients in Ageless Male Max are backed by real clinical research %u2013 and unlike some competitors, we used amounts of each ingredient that meet or exceed the research. Also unlike many other formulas, there%u2019s no added caffeine in Ageless Male Max (and no other harsh stimulants). Ageless Male Max is safe to take every day when used as directed.


Ageless Male Max ingredients include –


This is the main, active ingredient in Ageless Age Max. It is basically a patented root extract of Ashwagandha.

This plant has been in use conventionally in many cultures to treat libido issues.

It is native to countries like India, China, and Nepal. The ingredient is also known as the Indian ginseng and it has lots of benefits too.

In a study published in an edition of Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, the extract was found to help stressed men improve their moods.

Similarly, research shows that Ashwagandha root extract improves sperm quality.

In another randomized controlled study (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition) to examine the effect of Ashwagandha root extract supplementation on muscle strength and recovery, it was reported that %u201Cashwagandha supplementation is associated with significant increases in muscle mass and strength, and suggests that ashwagandha supplementation may be useful in conjunction with a resistance training program.%u201D

Other studies also prove that this extract affects cortisol levels

Ageless Male Max ingredients


This ingredient is best suited for boosting the levels of nitric oxide in our bodies.

The manufacturer claims the ingredient boosts these levels by 64 percent.

Nitric oxide levels are essential for sexual arousal. It improves the blood circulation significantly, for better exercise abilities and strength.


This is a type of vitamin. Vitamin B3 in particular. The ingredient is highly beneficial to the body as it helps it produce ATP.

In a Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism study involving the effect of niacin-bound chromium supplementation on body composition of overweight persons, the participants exhibited significant loss of fat and muscle compared to placebo.

This shows that niacin is effective for weight loss.

Vitamins B12 and Vitamin B6

Almost the same as niacin, these two vitamins have been included in the supplement to boost the production of energy.

It doesn%u2019t cause energy crashes as caffeine would do, which, apparently Ageless Male Max doesn%u2019t contain.

Ageless Male Max ingredients - vitamin B6

Vitamin D

This ingredient is very important to men. It helps them maintain optimum levels of testosterone.

Its importance is backed up by research in Hormone and Metabolic Research, which shows that vitamin D deficiency is associated with lower levels of testosterone.

Ageless Male Max also contains Zinc.

User Reviews

Review 1

I%u2019ve been taking this for a couple of weeks and I seem to have more energy. I work night shift and go to school during the day time and need any boost I can get. I%u2019m not one to drink energy drinks, so I thought a supplement would be beneficial. So far so good, so I%u2019m gonna continue to take them!

Review 2

Horribly disappointed, these are just overpriced vitamins that don’t work. I have been taking them as directed for over two weeks, and nothing. Save your money guys, they don’t work.

Review 3

Seems good so far. I have just started taking a bunch of supplements and have noticed an increase with my energy.

Review 4

I have been taking this for quite sometime now, and it does give me the energy that I need for working out after a long day at work. Good so far.

Review 5

the only thing that happened is it made my blood pressure drop a lot had to return the product

Review 6

Maybe my worst pyrchase. My feeling is t hat the promo misleads the value t o be delivered. Wil not purchase again.

Review 7

It’s perfect for me, who loves working out. It give’s me more energy to do my daily routine. This is my new buddy.