Andro 400 Max


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Achieve REAL, long-lasting energy and all-day stamina (unlike the temporary boost you get from sugar and caffeine-laden energy drinks)Combats well-known symptoms of low testosterone, including: decreased sex drive, loss of body hair, increase in tummy fat,lessened muscle tone, weaker erections and orgasms.Perform better in any sport or athletic activityEnjoy faster recovery and fewer aches and pains after any physical activity Supplement Facts: Each bottle contains 60 capsulesEach capsule contains 250mg of Eurycoma Longifolia (radix) root extract (100:1), 250mg of L-Arginine Ethyl Ester-2HCL and 250mg of L-Citruline.Suggested serving size is 2 capsules dailyOther Ingredients: rice flour, isoleucine, gelatin capsule.Safe and non-toxic for men and women of all ages, even at higher dosages. Andro400 Max is most often used by: Men 40 and upMen of any age who want to lose belly fatMen of any age who have lower than average T levels for their ageMen who have low libido or symptoms of EDMen who suffer from fatigue and need a strong boost of energyMen who have a lot of stress in their livesThose who have chronic pain issues.

One interesting thing is that among all the research done on Tongkat Ali, one group of research workers in Brazil noted that Tongkat Ali’s accurate powers to increase testosterone appear to be similar to another powerful ingredient called “Tribulus Terrestris” and both work in the way it can prevent the “inhibitory effects of estrogen on testosterone creation.”

This is the same mechanism by which prescription drugs like Nolvadex, Arimidex, Aromasin exhibit their anti-estrogenic effects when used in testosterone replacement therapy for men.

Regarding the amino acids in Andro 400 MAX, Truth is, there are more strong Amino acids than citrulline that can play a role in increasing HGH(human growth hormone) and thereby Testosterone as well to help rejuvenate a man’s sexuality.

    • Eurycoma longifolia or Tongkat Ali, the primary ingredient may not work for all age groups, although seems to work great for 50 + men.
    • Not the best of the herbal formulation, which makes the Andro400 product a moderate T booster and a weak HGH booster

Can this be perfect testosterone booster for men: A review of Tongkat ali based Andro400

History has shown that Eurycoma Longifolia, the only ingredient in Andro400, has a variety of health benefits. More recent research has shown some evidence that the product does have some positive impact on boosting testosterone. However, it is less clear that, when taken orally, it has a more widespread effect on general health and performance.

The comparisons between Andro400 and some of the best-selling testosterone enhancers center around ingredients and dosages. The major difference is that Andro400 is the only product in the group that contains a single ingredient.

The obvious similarity is that all products have some success in increasing testosterone or fighting the symptoms of low testosterone.

Andro400 vs. Nugenix

Andro400 has one ingredient which is taken in a 300-mg dose daily. Nugenix has eight components, and it is the combination of these, at higher dosage levels, that leads to more effective results.

Andro400 vs. Ageless Male

The Andro400 vs. Ageless Male contest is a case of four ingredients vs. one. In this case, the one wins. Both Ageless Male and Andro400 ingredients are of high quality, and both products show some proof of boosting testosterone. However, the levels of ingredients in Ageless Male are too low to match the level of Eurycoma Longifolia in Andro400.

Andro400 vs. Nugenix UT

In Andro400 vs. Nugenix UT, the results favor UT. Not only does it claim to increase testosterone, but it’s also supposed to regulate hormonal levels for optimum performance. The UT formula is one that includes DAA and Mucuna Puriens, two of the more researched ingredients on the market today.

Andro400 vs. Prime Male

By all reports, Andro400 vs. Prime Male no competition. Prime Male has 12 ingredients, so it works via several mechanisms.

Summary: Most of the reported benefits of Andro400 are based on the idea that the supplement boosts testosterone. However, there’s no strong evidence that eurycoma longifolia boosts testosterone, improves erectile dysfunction, increases sex drive, improves mood, enhances athletic performance or burns belly fat. Some of the studies that have found eurycoma longifolia to be beneficial were funded by supplement manufacturers, so they should be interpreted with caution.

The Andro400 website argues that the supplement is safe and free from side effects because it’s a natural product. This is misleading and may not even be true. Rodent studies raise concerns about liver damage at high doses of eurycoma longifolia, and the plant may decrease absorption of a popular blood pressure medication. We can’t say for sure if it’s safe at the suggested dosage.

Is Andro400 Worth Your Money? A Sales-Free Look at the Evidence

Andro400 has a short ingredient list and the risk of serious side effects is relatively low, compared with other male enhancement products containing a long list of stimulants, and worse. However, the low dose recommended by the manufacturer is unlikely to yield any meaningful results in its users.

There is evidence suggesting that Andro400 has worked as an aphrodisiac for some users, however, this is largely up in the air, based on a sample size of too few people. As far its use as an effective male enhancement solution, this product seems to be marketed as an energy booster and weight loss tool for both men and women. Our suggestion is, if you’re looking for a male enhancement product to boost testosterone, look for something that specifically addresses those needs.

While Natural Health Concepts does offer a 90-day money back guarantee, the sheer amount of complaints, lack of an online presence paired with the blindly positive reviews on their own webpage comes off a bit fishy from a consumer standpoint.  The small number of positive reviews suggest consumers are experiencing a placebo effect, as they seem vague and tout little payoff, even after months of use.

Andro400 Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!


Recommended Otc alternatives to Andro 400 Max

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Top Rated Recommendations in Male enhancement Pills

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Andro 400 Max

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It is a dietary supplement created especially for men who have low levels of testosterone. This supplement helps increase testosterone levels which is responsible for sexuality, growth of muscle, and full stamina. As men reach the period of andropause (similar to menopause in women), they will be needing the help of a testosterone booster.

These pills, as a natural supplement, have these benefits:

  • Burns Belly Fat. Taking a testosterone-boosting supplement can help get rid of those fats.
  • Increases Energy Levels.Reduced energy level is a manifestation of a dropping level of testosterone. Andro 400 reviews say that once you get your testosterone levels back to normal, your energy level will follow suit.
  • Enhances Sex Drive and Performance. This is another symptom of low testosterone levels. With your T back in its youthful levels, you will get back your sex drive and will be able to give a much better performance.


Andro 400 ingredients include –

The active ingredient in Andro400 is the herb, Eurycoma longifolia (E. longifolia), which grows in the rain forests of Indonesia and Malaysia. It has been used safely and effectively in Asia for centuries by hundreds of thousands of people for a broad range of medicinal purposes, including pain relief, speeding up the healing process, improving libido and sexual function, increasing energy and boosting testosterone.

Each capsule of Andro400 contains a high concentration of 150mg of pure Eurycoma longifolia radix (root) extract (100:1).

Other Important Information

There have been no known side effects of Andro400 or its lone ingredient %u2013 Eurycoma Longifolia. It should be noted though that when taken for extended periods of time, Eurycoma Longifolia could affect the prostate, liver and kidney.

User reviews

Review 1

I ordered 3 bottles of ANDRO 400 about a year ago. Then I started working out. After awhile I started getting stronger and stronger, and I didn’t think I needed Andro400 anymore. After a few months without Andro400, I realized that it wasn’t me, it was Andro400 that was helping me get stronger. Over a period of almost a year, I tried all kinds of other products that were supposed to do the same things as Andro400, and none of them worked. Andro400 was the only thing that worked! So now I’m back with you guys, and I’ll be with you guys forever!

Review 2

I%u2019ve tried a number of other products, some prescription but they either didn%u2019t work or had potentially serious side effects. With Andro400 I feel stronger and have a lot more energy, without any worry of side effects. And at night with my wife I know I have no problems in that department any more either.

Review 3

I own a construction company and work hard. Of late I found myself getting more and more tired, and I%u2019m only 38. When I heard about Andro 400, I couldn%u2019t resist, so I ordered it. After a few days of taking Andro, now when I get off work I%u2019m not so damn tired %u2013 I find that I%u2019m not too tired any more to play with the kids (and later on with my wife). Great stuff! Thanks!

Review 4

It%u2019s difficult to believe what your product has done for me. I used to work out 4 times a week to build muscle and strength. My work schedule changed and I wasn%u2019t able to work out for over 6 weeks, I expected to lose muscle fast like I had always done in the past. Well, it didn%u2019t happen this time, and the only thing different I was doing was taking Andro400. I can work out only one day a week now and still keep the muscle and energy I had before when I was working out 4 days a week! This stuff is amazing!