Iron Brothers Testosterone booster pills

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Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster is another muscle enhancement supplement from the fitness company, Iron Brothers. The supplement intends to help its users increase their testosterone levels and consequently their strength and stamina.

Yes – and I say that with loads of confidence. To me, Iron Brothers Supplements did a superb job with this testosterone booster. It has a smart set of ingredients that generally come in equally great forms and dosages. That’s a recipe for success if you ask me.

When it comes to benefits, Iron Brothers Supplements Testosterone Booster looks quite the well-rounded stack. I think it primarily boosts libido but it also holds solid promise for our muscles and testosterone. Overall, I think this supplement works best for older men who want to re-experience what it’s like having healthy T, bottomless sex drive, and immense strength and energy.

Iron Brothers Supplements Testosterone Booster Review: Such A Great Supplement For Such A Cheap Price


There are some useful and beneficial ingredients in this natural test booster.

However, there are further problems which resign it to the trash can.

The main problem is that almost three quarters of the daily dose consists of a few ingredients that are in the highest doses.

That means, the potentially several beneficial ingredients are in small doses which can render them ineffective.

It also hampers itself by omitting a number of other proven ingredients to then include ingredients such as Ashwagandha that can only offer a level of benefit to a small section of the population.

While this reads well, offering a number of recognizable and effective ingredients, its performance is then hindered by small doses and the inclusion of further elements that are not proven while omitting at least six scientifically proven ingredients often found in the best performing test boosters.

I’ve been using supplements for about 10 years now, everything from fat burners/pre workouts to the old “hardcore” prohormones before they were banned so I’m not new to these kinds of products by any means. With that being said I’ve been taking this test booster for just about 2 weeks now as a stand alone product (aside from my pre workout before the gym in the AM) and I’m impressed by both the product and the price! I followed the dosing directions on the bottle and take 3 capsules about 10-15 minutes before I eat lunch. The first thing I noticed was my libido went up within the first couple days along with a motivated kind of feeling I get about a half hour after taking them. If your looking to put on 10+ pounds of solid muscle over night then obviously this is not what you’re looking for but if you have realistic expectations and want a more “alpha feeling” throughout the day this should hit the mark!

– Nick D. , Amazon

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Iron Brothers Testosterone booster pills

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Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster is another muscle enhancement supplement from the fitness company, Iron Brothers. The supplement intends to help its users increase their testosterone levels and consequently their strength and stamina.

The Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster touts itself as a natural-based supplement with highly potent ingredients to boost your t-levels more naturally. The focus of the product is also with the gym goers and heavy lifters. By increasing the testosterone levels, the supplement will provide more energy, and strength for more extended training sessions and lift routines.


  • Contains Numerous Good Ingredients


  • Servings Could Be Increased
  • Some Ineffective Ingredients
  • Under-Dosed in Places

What does Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster do?

This is our Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster review, a testosterone booster claimed to promote:

  • Energy
  • Testosterone
  • Libido
  • Muscle Mass


Iron Brothers Testosterone booster ingredients include –


Vitamin D, Vitamin B-3, Zinc, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Horny Goat Weed, Fenugreek Extract, Maca Root Powder, Ashwagandha Root Extract, DIM, Boron Citrate, Tongkat Ali Extract & Bioperine


Take 3 capsules with breakfast or lunch for a maximum of 3 months before taking a 4 week break.

Vitamin D3 (1000 IU)

This is a great commencement from Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster in the supplement industry but we wouldve liked to have seen more of it in this testosterone booster.

Vitamin D3 could be simply one of the best vitamins for testosterone. Why? Because it’s theoretically a hormone and it’s one that most of us don’t get a sufficient amount of by natural means.

The reason is , we break up D3 through the sun’s rays and most of us don’t get enough sun. Now that is absorbed through the rays and is synthesized by your skin into the hormone which can help several bodily processes along with testosterone and joint health.

And professional medical research recommends that to witness an impact on testosterone, it needs to be taken long-term at doses of 3,300 IU or higher. However, with only 1000 IU per daily serving in Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster, it may not render as much as you need.


This is a great addition to Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster too.

Zinc is one of the best minerals when it comes to testosterone production.

Why? Because aside from helping your body with general processes, it’s also used for chemical reactions in your brain which help create the Luteinizing Hormone (LH).

LH is your body’s precursor to both growth hormone and testosterone. The more of this you have in your system, the more support your testosterone has to rise.

Tribulus Terrestris

This may not be a very good addition to Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster however.

Tribulus Terrestris is derived from a herb which has been stated to enhance testosterone. Even so, medical research shows that this is only the case in rats.

Everything that this nutrient may enhance in humans is libido to some mild extent. It’s not a great option in here.

Horny Goat Weed

This nutrient poses a similar problem. Also known as Epimedium, this is a herb which has been claimed to promote testosterone.

However, further study has shown that it does not have this effect on humans.

The only benefit that this nutrient may deliver for you is a mild boost in libido. Aside from that you may not notice much of a difference.


This is a much better option in Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster.

Fenugreek is a herb which has been seen to enhance equally libido and testosterone.

So, how exactly does it work?

It all comes down to this nutrient’s power to control your blood sugar, and by thereby your insulin levels.

Your insulin levels can influence and lower your testosterone levels as well as human growth hormone levels. The more you have of one hormone the less you have of another, and the more insulin you have, the less testosterone you have.

By making use of a product like Fenugreek to help keep you balanced, your sugar levels and insulin have more help and support to remain in check to compliment your testosterone levels.


This isn’t a great option as such in any T supplement, just like Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster, it offers some support, but it won’t boost your testosterone levels.

It has been seen in some studies that can help to promote your libido. This could be good for sex drive and the erection quality , but not much for actual testosterone.


This is a much better choice in Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster.

Ashwagandha is a good ingredient in this testosterone booster, it helps to reduce your levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Cortisol has the same effects on testosterone as insulin, it’s all due to homeostasis. The more cortisol you have in your system, the less testosterone.

Ashwagandha can help to manage your cortisol levels, which will create a hormonal environment to support your overall testosterone levels.


This is a nice supporting nutrient in Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster.

DIM is a component often found in green vegetables like broccoli.

It has been thought to work as an aromatase inhibitor (estrogen suppressant) but there’s not enough research out there to confirm this.

That said, researchers have said that their findings are looking promising, which means it could help despite the lack of evidence.

It’s definitely a nutrient that you should keep an eye on for the future.


This is a much better choice in Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster.

Boron is a mineral which has been seen in numerous studies to help increase testosterone and even reduce estrogen.

Tongkat Ali

This again is great for sex, but also has mild effect on Testosterone levels.

Although it has had some promising results in animal studies, they haven’t transferred to humans as dramatically when it comes to testosterone.

The only thing that you may notice a boost from is a mild boost in libido.


This isn’t an essential ingredient in Iron Brothers Testosterone Booster.

Bioperine is black pepper and has been seen in studies to help with absorption and bioavailability in your body.

This can help you get more out of this testosterone booster at a time. A solid supporting ingredient.

User Reviews

Review 1

Money back guarantee is not honored and this product is worthless. I purchased a bottle on Amazon and it had no effect whatsoever. I am disappointed that this product has gotten a positive review here. The company never responded to my request for my money back.

Review 2

I have taken many test boosters and even have used medical Gels. This has been the next best thing to a gel I have used so far. VERY impressed with this product. i have actually been diagnosed with low T. It took about two weeks to start to notice the subtle affects of the supplement, but I have noticed a difference. I lift and run a lot and it takes a lot out of me. There is a bit more energy in my day to day, I’m starting get my drive back, and I love the price for this. Also, another great thing to note is the amount of pills to take is low. Three a day is great! I went ahead and got another bottle for another month to complete a full 2 month cycle. Thanks Iron Bros!