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Stiff Nights is a fast-acting male enhancement supplement that claims to increase blood flow to the penis with a unique blend of herbal ingredients. According to the manufacturer, erections could last as long as 48 hours.

Stiff Nights is designed to be taken an hour before sexual contact, and claims to boost both the duration of sex, as well as the recovery time after. Original Stiff Nights is meant to be taken as a solution for those who have trouble getting erections, and doesn%u2019t promise much else.


Stiff nights ingredients include –

Tongkat Ali: An ingredient coming from an Asian evergreen shrub, tongkat ali has long been used to improve sexual health and increase male virility.

Rougui: A type of cinnamon from Southeast Asia, this rougui is used to treat erectile dysfunction, along with a variety of other ailments. According to Web MD, rougui may have the following side effects:

  • In some cases, rougui may cause harm to the liver. When taken in large amounts it may cause skin irritation or induce an allergic reaction.

Ginseng: Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to help produce erections, ginseng is a widely used natural remedy for stress, relaxation and potentially diabetes.

Turnera aphrodisiaca: A wild shrub found in Mexico, turnera aphrodisiaca is used to promote sexual desire, as well as treat headaches, nausea, bedwetting and depression. It is also thought to help increase sexual stamina with use.

  • According to WebMD, turnera aphrodisiaca is likely safe for most people, though it may cause convulsions when taken in large amounts.

Yi ye cao: A Chinese herb thought to stimulate ejaculation.

White Willow Bark: Willow bark is thought to work a lot like aspirin, alleviating muscle pain, headaches, joint pain and more.

  • Side effects may include itching, rash and upset stomach.
  • Additionally, willow bark may decrease the blood flow to the kidneys, which may contribute to kidney failure.

L-arginine: An amino acid used to help maintain levels of nitric acid in the body, which opens blood vessels and increases blood flow, resulting in improved energy levels and firmer, longer lasting erections.

Huang qi: An herb used in traditional Chinese medicine that is thought to boost the immune system, as well as have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and the liver, spleen and other organs.

Wuweizi: Used to increase resistance to stress and disease, treat hepatitis, nerve pain, colds, coughs, asthma and erectile dysfunction.

  • Side effects may include upset stomach, decrease in appetite, rash, itching and heartburn.

Huang jing: A Chinese herb used to promote longevity, and is thought to have a positive effect on the liver, spleen and kidneys.

As mentioned above, the main issue with the ingredients is, there is no official list of ingredients nor any documented dosing information. While the ingredients outlined above are relatively safe on their own, this supplement has not undergone any known testing as a whole, and has been linked to some dangerous side effects.

Another major issue is, there is an ingredient in the formula that lowers blood pressure, which has caused consumers to experience some negative side effects when taken as directed. Additionally, there have been some reports of headaches, dizziness, nausea and even death in those who have taken Stiff Nights, though though those side effects were most likely linked to an undeclared ingredient rather than those outlined above.

User Reviews

Review 1

You take it and blood rushes to the penis, which seems to be the only thing this pill does. Did not experience any increase in energy, etc.

Review 2

An hour or two after taking this, I had a pounding headache, and the worst side effects ever. I did get an erection, but that was about it. Not worth it.

Review 3

Stiff nights gave me long hard erections and had an immediate recovery period. It also lasted for 36 hours. I purchased Black Ant recently. I have blood pressure and when using black ant or any male enchancement pill my blood pressure drops.

This is a major concern of mine.I took one Black Ant pill as described. It did not give me an erection based on non stimulation. I definitely had to be stimulated in order to get an erection. My blood pressure dropped as usual but it was not as bad as stiff nights or Cialis. The erection was hard and constant. I did not have a good recoverey though. This appears to be a one time pill that only works withing a 24 hour period.I tried 2 Black Ant pills and the erection was harder and stronger. It was easier for me to get an and maintain an erection with 2 and I got a better recovery.Overall it appears to be a safer pill. I have tried Rock Hard Weekend (dud), Zencore from GNC (makes me sick), Stiff Nights (Lowers Blood Pressure considerably), ME-36 slow reacting.I am going to by additional packets of Black Ant. It has a more natural reaction and response which is what my wife likes. She does not like it when the erection appears to be “enforce” by the drug.I would recommend but you will have take it in advance of sex and be confident that in yourself and know that the pill is there to help where you might be lacking. 

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