Testro-X’s formulation of natural ingredients, minerals, and adaptogens that claim to help increase testosterone, reduce stress, and improve recovery and muscle growth.

Using a blend of nine natural, scientifically backed ingredients, Testro-X is a dietary supplement that promises to deliver a complete solution for boosting your body%u2019s testosterone production, resulting in reduced stress levels, increased energy, reduced signs of aging, and improved sleep.

In fact, in one of the supplement%u2019s videos, co-founder Christopher Walker tells us that Testro-X%u2019s minerals and adaptogens can help your body “undergo its natural processes that produce testosterone much more effectively,” allowing it to eventually produce its own testosterone without any extra stimulus.

Christopher also tells us that Testro-X comes with laboratory testing showing that 100% of what%u2019s listed on the label is actually in the supplement, and that each ingredient represents the most bioavailable form possible.

Designed specifically to work WITH your body to powerfully increase your own natural production, Testro-X has no negative side effects and works by increasing your own natural state of health.

It%u2019s a breakthrough in hormonal health, delivered through a blend of natural herbs and nutrients designed to increase levels of the most important masculinity hormone: testosterone.

  • Supports Muscle Growth And Sex Drive
  • Supports High-Quality Sleep And Recovery
  • Boosts Energy During The Day
  • Supports Masculinity And Assertiveness
  • Convenient Easy-To-Take Pill Form

After regularly taking three capsules following dinner during the week (weekends are off), Testro-X promises to assimilate in your body and deliver benefits, with no known side effects. This is whether you%u2019re a man or a woman.


Testro x ingredients include –

  • Magnesium%u200A%u2014%u200A150 mg
  • Zinc%u200A%u2014%u200A15 mg
  • Ashwagandha (KSM-66)%u200A%u2014%u200A400 mg
  • Forskohlii Root Extract%u200A%u2014%u200A250 mg
  • Inositol%u200A%u2014%u200A200 mg
  • Glycine%u200A%u2014%u200A200 mg
  • L-theanine%u200A%u2014%u200A100 mg
  • Boron%u200A%u2014%u200A10 mg
  • Bioperine%u200A%u2014%u200A10 mg

User Reviews

Review 1

I have been taking Testro-X constantly for approximately 2 and a half years, everything I’ve read online says there are no side effects I believe otherwise. When I take even a day off of the recommended dose I get terrible anxiety and Acid Reflux which leads to more anxiety, which leads to mental, emotional upset and over processing (symptoms of over estrogen production). I attempted to take a week off and had extreme versions of these symptoms which has taken me to urgent care on two different occasions. I am male, 34 years old, healthy, successful massage therapist, I workout 4 days a week and by now I have eliminated all other possible causal factors, I am taking no other drugs or supplements besides metagenics to protect my throat and gut against acid reflux. I have contacted Truth Nutra at help@truthnutra.com explaining this problem and asking for help, truth nutra has not responded. While this product has worked for years to keep my T-levels boosted, focus, motivation and energy up, I believe I now have a dependency and a messed up gut. Truth Nutra please help.

Review 2

For the price, I guess I expected more. Truth Nutraceuticals sent me an email with a coupon for the next purchase, unfortunately thirty days later when I went to reorder, the coupon was expired.
I’m sure I’ll be able to find something that works as well for a lot less money.

Review 3

I gave this a honest go for a few months and just didn’t work as expected. Matter of fact none of these supplements really work. Start doing some weights for 30 minutes a day and you’ll feel like you are taking a real supplement.

Review 4

Even with proper diet and exercise I honestly saw no difference. At all. Maybe a little in the beginning, but it went away after a week. I just didn’t get anything out of it as they claim.

Review 5

Workouts are better. Definitely is a testosterone booster. Quick muscle gain. The only bad thing about this product I have found so far, is I walk around so horny most of the time it’s damn near dangerous for the General Public.